Image of an infant and an elderly woman holding hands

We emphasize respect for human rights, which is the origin of social welfare, regardless of disability, age, income, etc.
"Supporting people to live their lives with peace of mind",
"To ensure that people in need of welfare services receive fair and appropriate support"
I think it is a mission to the local community.

In addition, when running a social welfare business, we believe that "the business that the local community wants should be done together with the community."
With this as our belief, we will promote our business.

We will also strive to contribute to the enhancement and development of welfare in the local community.

5 basic policies

Photo of a female staff supporting an elderly woman with her hand on her waist

1Facility management with an emphasis on ties with local communities and homes

With a basic stance of reaching out to all people, we will grasp the situation of the area and the situation of the family and operate the facility rooted in the area.

2Appropriate support for independent living that values ​​the dignity of each user

Based on the idea of ​​supporting the independence of the nursing care insurance system, we will support the independence of each user.

3Facility management aimed at providing high-quality services

We provide high-quality services that give users peace of mind and hope.

4Active human resource development

We will hold study sessions and workshops to acquire staff qualifications, improve the qualifications of staff, and actively develop human resources.

5Five hearts of reflection, humility, service, gratitude, and honesty

Employees always try to treat users, their families, and foreigners with "remorse, humility, service, gratitude, and honesty."