We would like to introduce our efforts to realize the basic policy based on our philosophy.

Initiative 1Four major goals

We have set four major goals for nursing care that is close to the users, and in order to achieve the goals, we create an individual care plan for each user and provide nursing care.

1Aiming for professional dementia care!

Image of smiling female staff

We will introduce dementia care mapping (observing people with dementia and recording them numerically based on categories such as behavior and conversation in order to understand the state of dementia) to understand the current situation.
We have also assigned specialized staff to watch over while taking care of them, and we are also devising measures to curb the progress.

2Aiming for zero subcutaneous bleeding!

Image of an elderly man at the dining table

We provide a balanced diet to strengthen the skin and blood vessels.
We also use gloves, long sleeves, long trousers, and high socks to protect areas where subcutaneous bleeding is likely to occur, such as hands and feet.
Furthermore, we provide "no-lifting care", which is a care that does not lift or hold, and strives to reduce the burden on users and the burden on nursing staff.

3Aiming for zero bone fractures!

Image of a man holding on to the staff's arm and rehabilitating

Bone density is measured on a regular basis, and based on the measurement results, measures such as exercise, sun bathing, and a well-balanced diet are taken according to each user's condition to prevent bone fractures.
In addition, we have devised ways to prevent falls and falls according to the user's behavior and living environment, such as attaching handrails to specialists in nursing care and rehabilitation, and laying shock absorbing mats in dangerous places.

4Aiming for zero aspiration pneumonia!

Image of staff practicing oral care

An oral care promoter is assigned to provide regular tooth brushing guidance and strive to keep the oral condition clean.
In addition, OHAT (Oral Evaluation) by a dentist is used to grasp the condition of the oral cavity, which is useful for care and health maintenance.
In addition to this, in order to reduce the risk of aspiration pneumonia, we are training nursing staff who can inhale sputum in addition to nursing staff.

Initiative 2Establishment of Education Department

Image of a female and male staff smiling at an elderly man

We have set up an education department to provide an environment where students can learn while working so that they can provide high-quality nursing care.
The Ministry of Education supports staff by holding training for new staff, training for acquiring various qualifications such as certified care workers, regular nurses, care managers, and chief care managers, and training for improving nursing skills.

Initiative 3Establishment of accident countermeasure room

While working on the four major goals, we are taking measures to prevent nursing care accidents in cooperation with each facility and business establishment, as well as investigating the cause of accidents that have occurred and preventing recurrence.
As one of the methods, we utilize statistical data based on the records of falls and aspirations that we have accumulated so far.

Initiative 4Establishment of disaster prevention, safety and crisis management department

In order to protect the users entrusted to us by their families in the event of a disaster and to ensure the safety of our staff, we have established a disaster prevention crisis management department that is responsible for disaster countermeasures, response, and safety management of facilities and business establishments. We are taking the following measures and training.

Disaster countermeasures and training

Images of evacuation signboards
  • Prepare for earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, and floods both indoors and outdoors at facilities and offices.
  • Stockpile such as daily necessities, groceries, beverages, clothing, user's medicines, disaster relief tool sets, etc.
  • Report drills, fire extinguishing drills, earthquake evacuation drills, fire evacuation drills, storm and flood evacuation drills, wide area welfare evacuation drills, crime prevention drills, etc.

Introduction of emergency notification InCircle

When an emergency call is necessary, such as during a disaster, we have an emergency contact system by phone, but in the event of a disaster, it is expected that it will be difficult to connect by phone, so we will send a message to all staff's mobile terminals at once. We have introduced InCircle, a communication system that can be used to prepare for emergencies.

Certified facility of Nankai Trough Earthquake countermeasures excellent business establishment

The following facilities have been certified as five stars by Kochi Prefecture as excellent establishments for Nankai Trough Earthquake countermeasures.
We will continue to work to increase the number of certified facilities.

  • Comprehensive welfare zone Hamayu no Sato
  • Comprehensive Welfare Zone Oak Village
  • Comprehensive welfare zone Gray Wagtail Village
Images of business establishments with excellent Nankai Trough earthquake countermeasures

Initiative 5Kochi Prefecture certified welfare and long-term care establishment

Images of Ryoma Sakamoto

The welfare / nursing care establishment certification evaluation system conducted by Kochi Prefecture is an initiative to increase the number of attractive workplaces where people involved in welfare / nursing care can experience "ease of work" and "motivation to work", and user satisfaction. This is a system in which Kochi Prefecture gives certification to welfare and nursing care establishments that are expected to improve the degree of improvement.
Kounankai is certified by Kochi Prefecture as a business establishment that meets the five evaluation criteria of the "Welfare / Nursing Care Business Establishment Certification Evaluation System".

Five evaluation items

Image of the certification evaluation system for welfare and nursing care establishments conducted by Kochi Prefecture
  1. Training system for new hires
  2. Career path and human resource development
  3. Comfortable working environment
  4. Efforts to provide high-quality services
  5. Social Contribution and Compliance

Initiative 6Kochi Prefecture Work-Life Balance Promotion Company

The Kounankai has made the following efforts so that its staff can continue to work while balancing work and life, and has been certified as a work-life balance promotion company by Kochi Prefecture.

Next-generation upbringing support department

Image of a woman holding a baby
  • There is an annual paid leave system that can be used on a half-day basis
  • You can take two days of special leave (paid) when your wife gives birth
  • We have set up an on-site childcare service, "Yamamomo," which can be used until the child reaches the beginning of school.
Kochi Prefecture Work-Life Balance Promotion Certified Company

Women's advancement promotion department

  • In the most recent fiscal year, the average length of service of female workers is more than 7% of the average length of service of male workers.

Health management department

  • Aiming for XNUMX% regularly medical examination rate for employees.
  • At least once a year, we carry out initiatives such as events that contribute to improving communication between employees.
  • We are implementing initiatives to maintain and improve the health of women (assignment of female industrial physicians)
  • In order to prevent infectious diseases, we are implementing measures such as work certification for the time required for vaccination and suspension of work for infected people.

What is work-life balance?

It means "harmony between work and life", and was formulated by the agreement of the government, workers' groups, and employers' groups toward the realization of a society with "harmony between work and life", and the public and private sectors work together.

What is a society with "harmony between work and life"?

"Each citizen works while feeling rewarding and fulfilling, fulfills his or her work responsibilities, and selects and realizes diverse ways of life according to each stage of life, such as child-rearing and middle-aged and elderly, in terms of family and community life. It means "society".

Source:"" Harmony between work and life "promotion site Toward the realization of work-life balance"Than

Initiative 7Promotion of no-lifting care

Image of moving an elderly woman with a nursing lift

No-lifting means that you do not lift, and "no-lifting care" is not a care that relies solely on human power, but a care that "does not lift or hold" using welfare equipment such as nursing care lifts and sliding boards.
In addition, this nursing care method reduces the mental and physical tension of the caregiver, and also prevents back pain on the caregiver side, reducing the burden on both parties, and providing smoothness and a sense of security when transferring.

Initiative 8Development and introduction of a nursing care recording system capable of multilingual input

In order for many foreign staff working at Kounankai to work smoothly, we asked a specialist to develop a nursing care record system that supports 6 languages ​​such as Vietnamese and Indonesian, and entered the nursing care record from December 2020. Introduced to the iPad to do.

Initiative 9Specialized school Kounan Gakuen opened

Image of foreign students gathering and interacting

In April 2019, Kounankai opened a special school, Kounan Gakuen, as a nursing care welfare vocational school that accepts foreign students in order to prevent the quality of nursing care from deteriorating due to a shortage of human resources.
By acquiring knowledge and skills in the two-year curriculum, you will be able to qualify for the national examination for certified care workers after completion.