A picture of President Hashimoto taken in front of the Konankai Headquarters

I want to contribute to people's society while accumulating one by one

At Konankai, we emphasize respect for human rights, which is the starting point of social welfare. We have made efforts to ensure that socially vulnerable people with disabilities and those who need welfare services receive fair and appropriate support.

For example, we collect information as accurately as possible on a daily basis about what they think and what they want, provide personal care that is close to each individual, and create a safe and comfortable living environment. I came.
And what is indispensable for that is "quality care".
So how do you provide “quality care”?
We believe that this can be achieved by focusing on staff education.

In addition to daily nursing care technology, promotion of team nursing care, communication ability to build good relationships with users, meals according to the physical condition of users, risk hedging for nursing care accidents such as falls, falls, and aspiration, etc. I think that the shortcut to "quality nursing care" is to acquire the necessary theory, knowledge, and skills by conducting training and meetings on the subject.

The social environment has changed drastically in the last few years, and we are entering a difficult time.
However, it is at such times that I would like to contribute to society by working with you and accumulating concrete things that can be achieved as a social welfare corporation one by one.

We look forward to your continued support and kindness in the future.

Kounankai Social Welfare

Director Shinichi Hashimoto