Specified skills

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"Specified skills" is a status of residence newly established in April 2019 to solve the labor shortage that is becoming more serious in small and medium-sized enterprises.
This has made it possible to hire foreign human resources with a certain level of expertise and Japanese proficiency in 14 fields such as the construction industry, agriculture industry, fishing industry, restaurant industry and long-term care industry.
Therefore, the Kounankai also utilizes this system to accept specifed skills caregiving staff from Asian countries such as Vietnam and the Philippines who have a certain level of specialization, skills, and Japanese proficiency and are ready to work.
Kounankai has established a support system so that staff with specific skills can work with peace of mind, and will continue to support them.

Employment details and conditions

Employment period Maximum 5 years* May be extended
Period to work About 1 to 3 months* Different when human resources are in Japan and abroad
Job category Caregiving staff
Salary Equivalent to Japanese
Family companion unacceptable
Required qualifications

Passing the specified skills evaluation test ※ 1
Passed the Japanese language evaluation test ※ 2
* 1: A test to confirm that you are at a skill level that allows you to perform work
* 2: A test to confirm whether you are at a skill level that allows you to perform daily life and work

However, those who have successfully completed Technical Intern Training (ⅱ) are exempt from the "Specific Skills Evaluation Test" and the "Japanese Language Evaluation Test".

Kounan Gakuen Vocational School

Konan Gakuen exterior image

Kounankai opened a specialized school Kounan Gakuen in Konan City, Kochi Prefecture in April 2019 as a certified care worker training school that accepts foreign students in earnest in Kochi Prefecture in order to prevent the quality of nursing care from deteriorating due to a shortage of human resources.
Based on the educational philosophy "Fly to the future", we aim to train long-term care leaders who can play an active role on the world stage in a two-year curriculum, and provide daily guidance to acquire specialized knowledge and care technology. I am.After completing the curriculum, the goal is to pass the National Examination for Care Workers.
The Kounankai fully supports students who work hard in foreign countries where they are unfamiliar with Japan as the parent company.

Kounan Gakuen Vocational School