Career advancement support

Female staff interviewing an elderly woman

At Kounankai, we are working to improve the quality of our staff with the aim of providing high-quality services based on our basic philosophy.
Specifically, we have set up the "Education Department" as a department specializing in human resource development to support "learning" while working.We are actively working to develop human resources with the aim of providing "high quality nursing care services" by holding study sessions and workshops to acquire staff qualifications.

Support system

You can advance your career by aiming to acquire various qualifications by using the "qualification acquisition cost reimbursement system" of the welfare program.

1Acquire expertise

Aiming to acquire professional qualifications for unqualified staff

Care worker

Support for acquiring national qualifications for "certified care workers"

  • Nursing care staff beginner training
  • Training for certified care workers
  • National examination preparation study session
  • National Examination Preparation Intensive Course (from 3 months before the examination)

Care manager

Support for acquiring "nursing care specialist", which is the official qualification of each prefecture

  • Nursing care support specialist practical training attendance test preparation study session
  • Care support specialist at-home training

2Hone your expertise

Supporting further step-ups for professional qualification holders

Care worker

  • Unit care facility manager training
  • Unit leader training
  • Dementia Care Specialist
  • Dementia prevention specialist
  • Dementia nursing care practitioner training
  • Dementia care mapping
  • Sputum suction training
  • etc

Social worker

  • Step up from a social welfare officer to a social worker
  • Mental health worker
  • etc


  • Step up from an associate nurse to a regular nurse
  • First-class health supervisor
  • etc

Care manager

  • Step up from care manager to chief care manager
  • etc

3Deepen your expertise

Skill improvement workshops are held in collaboration with other departments such as the nursing care department and functional training department, centered on the education department.

  • New staff training
  • Nursing care / technical workshop
  • Dementia care workshop
  • Skin care workshop
  • Accident countermeasure workshop
  • etc