Senior Citizen FacilitySpecial elderly nursing home Oizumi no Sato

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    20-XNUMX-XNUMX Oizumi-cho, Nerima-ku, Tokyo

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Management policy

Respecting the will and personality of each user, and based on the facility service plan, with the return to life in the home in mind, consideration is given to ensure that the life in the home before admission and the life after admission are continuous. do.In addition, while in the facility, each unit provides support so that users can build social relationships with each other and lead independent lives.In addition, we will work closely with municipalities and long-term care insurance service providers, etc., while emphasizing ties with communities and families.

Service contents

(XNUMX) We provide meals that take into consideration the physical conditions and preferences of users based on nutrition care plans by nutritionists.
(XNUMX) We will provide the necessary support for self-reliance in eating by appropriate methods according to the physical and mental conditions of the user.
(XNUMX) In addition to having meals at an appropriate time that respects the user's lifestyle habits, we will secure the necessary time so that the user can eat independently as much as possible according to their physical and mental conditions. increase.
(XNUMX) We will support users to eat in the shared living room while respecting their intentions so that they can build social relationships with each other.

① Take a bath or cleanse at least twice a week.
② Even bedridden people can take a bath using a mechanical bathtub.

In order to promote independence in excretion, we provide assistance that makes the most of the user's physical ability.

Functional training
Functional training instructors and staff will conduct training to maintain and restore the functions necessary for daily life according to the user's physical and mental conditions, or to prevent its decline.

Health care
Doctors and nursing staff will manage your health.

Recreational club activities
Regular club activities and seasonal leisure activities are also held.

Appropriately support activities in daily life such as getting out of bed, changing clothes, grooming, etc. according to the flow of the user's daily life.

Pressure ulcer
(XNUMX) Plan, implement, and evaluate pressure ulcer prevention.
(XNUMX) Establish a pressure ulcer prevention committee consisting of a wide range of occupations and hold regular meetings.
(XNUMX) Conduct regular training on pressure ulcer prevention.

Prevention of infectious diseases and food poisoning
① We will establish an infection control committee consisting of a wide range of occupations and hold regular meetings.
(XNUMX) Establish guidelines for preventing infectious diseases and food poisoning and preventing their spread.
(XNUMX) Regular training will be held for staff to prevent and prevent the spread of infectious diseases and food poisoning.

Service area

It can be used by anyone who lives anywhere.
*Short stay is available only in Nerima Ward.


108 people
Short stay 12 people
*12 unit XNUMX people

Terms of use

✔️Those who have difficulty receiving nursing care at home among those certified as requiring nursing care XNUMX to XNUMX
✔️Those certified as requiring nursing care XNUMX or XNUMX who find it extremely difficult to live outside the facility due to unavoidable circumstances specified separately (hereinafter referred to as [special criteria]).

[Special criteria]
① Those who have difficulty in continuing a stable life in the community due to intellectual disability, mental disability, etc.
(XNUMX) Those who have been severely abused by family members, etc., and have difficulty in ensuring physical and mental safety and security
(XNUMX) Elderly people with dementia who require constant, appropriate supervision and care
(XNUMX) People who live alone or who have difficulty living at home because there is no family nearby who can take care of them due to elderly care, etc.

Number of rooms, etc.

Private room (admission) 108 rooms
  (short stay) 12 rooms

Room information

All rooms have beds and futons.Please be prepared for other items.

Shared space

By installing it in the center of each unit, it is an environment where it is easy to come out from any room.In addition, we have installed multiple TVs and restrooms/washrooms so that everyone can use them with peace of mind.


We hold conferences and provide meals according to the body of the user.In addition, we create menus that incorporate a sense of the seasons, and try to enjoy not only nutritional aspects but also meals that allow you to feel the four seasons.In addition, since meals are prepared in the home kitchen, meals can be served at the right temperature and at the right time.

Breakfast 7:30 -  
Lunch 12:00 - 
Dinner 17:00 -

Annual Events

We are planning events so that you can feel the four seasons throughout the year.

OneNew Year's party in February, Setsubun in February, Hinamatsuri in March, Hanami in April, Mother's Day in May, Father's Day in June, Somen nagashi in July, Fireworks in August, Keirokai in September,10sports day,11Monday School Festival, December Christmas year-end party

Daily routine

We will carry out functional training and hobby activities according to the user's condition.

Usage fee and usage fee

The usage fee is 300% to 1,446% of the service fee determined based on the Long-term Care Insurance Act, depending on the income of the person and household and the degree of nursing care required.In addition to the service fee, you will need to pay 820 yen to 2,006 yen for food, XNUMX yen to XNUMX yen for living expenses, medical expenses, hairdressing expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.

Staff system

Facility manager/manager
Deputy Director
Care staff
Nursing staff
Life counselor
Functional training instructor
Care support specialist
Registered dietitian
office worker
Night staff

1 person
1 person
42 above
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more

Terms of use

✔️ As a general rule, those with a care level of XNUMX or higher.
✔️ Those who need constant care and have difficulty receiving sufficient care at home.

Usage fee and usage fee

Please contact the office for usage fees.


Admission application procedure
To apply for admission to the facility, please submit the special nursing home admission application form (Nerima Ward standard form).
Admission application
・As a general rule, applicants and their families will be interviewed when accepting applications for admission to the facility.
・As well as understanding the mental and physical conditions and medical history of those who wish to enter, we will explain the concept of Nerima Ward's admission standards to those who wish to enter and their families.In addition, since there are cases where applications for admission are sent by mail and applicants for admission cannot come, we will use telephones to ascertain the physical and mental conditions and medical history of those who wish to enter, or contact the care manager in charge.
Based on Nerima Ward Special Nursing Home Admission Criteria, points will be allocated and an admission review committee will be held.
・The admission review committee will determine the priority and acceptability of admission.Based on the result, we will consult with your family about the admission procedure.
Inquiries and requests for materials regarding moving in