Senior Citizen FacilityUnit-type special nursing home for the elderly Anju no Sato

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    751 Yura, Miyazu City, Kyoto Prefecture

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Management policy

Respecting each person's intentions and personality, based on the facility service plan, keeping in mind the re-living at home, considering that the life before admission and the life after admission are linked, in the unit We support users to build social relationships with each other and to be able to lead an independent daily life.

Service contents

We provide meals and provide daily support.All rooms are private rooms.There are individual baths and special baths, so you can take a bath with confidence even if your physical condition changes.

Service area

Short stays are provided in the neighborhood, but please contact the facility for details.


80 people
20 short-term admissions

Terms of use

✔️Entrance In principle, those with a nursing care requirement of XNUMX or higher
✔️ Short-term admission Support required XNUMX to long-term care certification XNUMX

Number of rooms, etc.

Long-term admission 80 rooms
Short-term admission 20 rooms

Room information

Equipped with storage, bed, washbasin, air conditioning and air purifier.

Shared space

The common areas of each unit include a wheelchair-accessible toilet, a private bathroom, and a dining room that doubles as a relaxing space.In the common area on the first floor other than the unit, there is a special bathroom, an ostomate-friendly toilet, and a space for holding various events and meetings as a community exchange space.


We provide meals according to the user's condition.A nutritionist creates menus that incorporate a sense of the seasons.In addition, meals are prepared in the home kitchen, so meals can be served in a timely manner.

Breakfast 7: 30-8: 30
Lunch 12:00 --13:00
Supper 17:00 --18:00

Annual Events

We hold seasonal events such as cherry blossom viewing, summer festivals, senior citizens' parties, and Christmas parties.

Daily routine

We encourage residents to enjoy a leisurely cup of coffee while reading the newspaper.

Staff system

Nursing staff (long-term admission)
Nursing staff (short-term admission)
Nursing staff
Life Counselor (Concurrently serving as Nursing Care Support Counselor)
Functional training instructor
Registered dietitian

27 above
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more
XNUMX or more

Usage fee and usage fee

The usage fee is determined by the degree of care required based on the Long-Term Care Insurance Law.For more information, please contact the office.


Please contact the facility first.Lifestyle consultants will carefully provide consultations and guidance until you move in.

Inquiries and requests for materials regarding moving in