Comprehensive welfare zoneComprehensive Welfare Zone Oak Village

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    340-XNUMX Furukawa, Yoshikawa-cho, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

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Comprehensive Fukushi Zone Oak Village was established in February 2002.At the time of opening, it was located along the embankment of Matsugase, Yoshikawa-cho, but in March 2 it moved to the current hill of Furukawa, Yoshikawa-cho. In April 2015, we were certified as an excellent business establishment for Nankai earthquake countermeasures, and we will endeavor to use it as a base for local welfare and disaster prevention with peace of mind.

General Welfare Zone Oak Village Facility Manager Shinya Matsumoto

Management policy

As a comprehensive welfare zone where facilities for the disabled and facilities for the elderly are combined, we respond to a wide range of welfare needs in the region and support the disabled and the elderly who use it so that they can lead an independent daily life with peace of mind. I will do it.

Service contents

Disability support facility Nozomi no Ie
Care house Mago no Te
Group home Nagomi no Sato
Day Service Center Tanshinen
Specified consultation support office Nozomi
Community Life Support Office Orange House
Work continuation support type A office Ishin Kobo Kirari
Helper Station Hamafu
Home-visit nursing station Gray Wagtail


340-XNUMX Furukawa, Yoshikawa-cho, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture
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