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Comprehensive Welfare Zone Tenku no Sato is located in Motoyama Town, which is located in the middle of Shikoku and is a member of the "Most Beautiful Villages in Japan" alliance.The beautiful scenery that weaves through each season is healing for those who use the facility.Comprehensive Welfare Zone Tenku no Sato is a complex facility with multiple facilities and offices such as a special nursing home for the elderly and a nursing home for the elderly.In the Reihoku region, which includes Motoyama Town, depopulation and aging are serious problems, and as a facility, we cooperate with local governments and local residents to support the elderly and their families in the region.

of this facilityWe would like to contribute to the revitalization of the Reihoku region with the goal of “a facility that is rooted in the community and is needed and trusted by the community”.

General Welfare Zone Tenku no Sato Facility Director Junya Momota

Management policy

Based on the basic philosophy of the corporation, we value the dignity of each user and provide independence support according to each person.To improve the quality of life and quality of life, we will support daily life, implement functional training and health management, and continue to connect with the local community.In addition, various occupations form a team to support, but each of them works hard to acquire various knowledge and skills so that we can provide high-quality services.As an initiative to create a work environment where employees can work safely and with peace of mind, introducing various welfare equipment and tools and devising the work environment will reduce the physical and mental burden on both employees and users. We have introduced lifting care.

Service contents

Special Nursing Home for the Elderly Breeze
Nursing home for the elderly Yamabuki
Care house Sakura grass
Group home Fukuju grass village
Day Service Center Komadori
Dementia Day Service Center Kasemi


978-XNUMX Motoyama, Nagaoka-gun, Kochi Prefecture
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