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    3731 Kawakitako, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture

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As a facility responsible for community-based welfare in the eastern part of Kochi Prefecture, we will proactively provide information, and in the area where users are accustomed to living, while valuing connections with their families and local people, it is safe, secure, and calm. We aim to be a facility where you can spend a healthy time with a smile.All the staff will do their utmost to meet the needs of local people and users, and we ask for your continued support and guidance.

Comprehensive Fukushi Zone Kisekirei no Sato Facility Director Emi Teraoka

Management policy

As a base for community-based welfare, we will understand the needs of local residents and strive to provide high-quality services so that people in need of welfare services can live with peace of mind.In addition, in preparation for an emergency disaster, we will work to improve the crisis management system and strengthen the cooperation system with local people.

Service contents

Nursing home for the elderly Seikaen
Care House Seiran
Group home Ai
Group home Kusunoki no Sato
Group home Biwa no Sato
Day Service Center Azalea
Dementia-friendly day service center Ioki
Konan Kai Ossuary


3731 Kawakitako, Aki City, Kochi Prefecture
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