For those who aim for the national certification of care workers

In order to challenge the national examination, it is necessary to complete the practical training.

"One step can change the world"

With these words as our slogan, the Konankai Education Department will support you.

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Konankai Education Department

Implementation guidelines

  • Effect

    Training from Kochi Prefecture based on Article 40, Paragraph 2, Item 5 of the Act on Social Workers and Care Workers in order to provide appropriate nursing care services in response to the diversifying needs of nursing care services as the aging rate rises. Designated as a facility with the purpose of training care workers

  • Main event

    Name: Social Welfare Corporation Konankai
    Location: 1160-1 Akaokacho, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

  • Participants

    Those who can participate in all training interviews (commuting to school) and who are currently engaged in nursing care work at social welfare facilities, etc., or who plan to be engaged

  • Tuition fee

    20,000 to 130,000 yen (depending on qualifications held)
    * Includes text fee and consumption tax

  • Reception place

    Social Welfare Corporation Konankai Headquarters Administration Building (Education Department)
    Person in charge: Iwasaki/Matsuura
    TEL 0887-55-2898

  • Reception period

    May 2023, 5 (Monday) to June 1 (Friday), 6
    Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00
    *It is also possible to apply by mail.

  • Documents to be submitted

    (XNUMX) Application form
    [Documents to be submitted] Form XNUMX (application form)
    (XNUMX) Copy of qualification certificate
    (XNUMX) Copy of identification card
    * Submitted documents will not be returned

  • Selection result

    If you are allowed to take the course, we will send you a notice of decision to take the course by March 2023, 6 (Friday) to the address stated in the course application form.

  • Fixed employee

    40 people

  • Implementation site

    Please check each venue below.

  • Certificate of completion

    A certificate of completion will be issued to those who complete all subjects.

Please refer to the following for details of implementation guidelines, application forms, timetables, etc.

[Application Guidelines.pdf]
[Form XNUMX (application form for attendance / for venue in Kochi Prefecture).pdf]
[Form XNUMX (Application form for Ehime Prefecture).pdf]
[Form XNUMX (How to receive a certificate of completion).pdf]
[Form XNUMX (Certificate of Completion Request Form).pdf]


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