For those who aim for the national certification of care workers

 Practical training is a course that must be taken in order to take the national examination for certified care workers.

If you do not have any qualifications, you will study a 6-hour curriculum over 450 months. The number of hours exempted varies depending on the qualification held.


 It is not possible to become a service provider just by completing the nursing care worker initial training or the old home helper level 2 certification.

Those who aim to become a service provider are required to have completed "practical training".

 Practical training can be taken regardless of whether or not you have practical experience or qualifications you hold.


 You can learn about the development of the care process, dementia, medical care, etc. that are necessary for working as a care worker.

The purpose is to acquire practical knowledge and skills in order to provide higher quality nursing care services.

This is a course where you can hone the skills you need to continue working as a nursing care specialist throughout your life.


 Why not aim to become a care worker with your friends who are aiming for the same goal?

If you would like to participate,6th February (Friday)Please contact the person in charge by.


Kounan Gakuen Vocational School



2024 Second Semester Social Welfare Corporation Konankai Nursing Care Worker Training Course Course Information

Reception period Wednesday, February 2024, 5 - Friday, March 1, 6 Must arrive
Reception place/time

Social Welfare Corporation Konankai Vocational School Konan Gakuen

Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00

*It is also possible to apply by mail.

Decided to take the course

By Friday, March 2024, 6

A notification of acceptance will be mailed to the address written on the application form.



3, Teyuu, Yasucho, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

TEL: 0887-50-6886

FAX: 0887-50-6887


Person in charge: Vocational School Konan Gakuen: Uemura

This course guide is required even after you have decided to enroll. Also, please bring it with you when commuting to school.

Please keep it in a safe place as you will need it for various procedures even after completing the training.

2024 Social Welfare Corporation KaoriNankai Practitioner Training Course Recruitment Guidelines

  • Effect

    Training provided by Kochi Prefecture based on Article 40, Paragraph 2, Item 5 of the Certified Social Workers and Certified Care Workers Act in order to provide appropriate nursing care services in response to the diversifying needs of nursing care services as the aging rate increases. Designated as a facility with the aim of training nursing care staff.And

  • Sponsorship

    Name: Social Welfare Corporation Konankai
    Location: 1160-1 Akaokacho, Konan City, Kochi Prefecture

  • Participants

    Those who can participate in all training interviews (commuting to school) and who are currently engaged in nursing care work at social welfare facilities, etc., or who plan to be engaged

  • Reception place

    Social Welfare Corporation Konan-kai Vocational Training School Konan Gakuen
    TEL 0887-55-2898

  • Reception period

    Monday, May 2024, 5 - June 1, 6 (gold) Must arrive
    Weekdays 9: 00-17: 00
    *It is also possible to apply by mail.

  • Documents to be submitted at the time of application

    (XNUMX) Application form
    [Documents to be submitted] Form XNUMX (application for attendance)
    (2) Copy of qualification certificate (nurse, associate nurse) (helper level XNUMX beginner training basic course) (dementia practitioner training sputum aspiration training, etc.)
    (3) Copy of identification card (driver's license, health insurance card, residence card, etc.)
    *Submitted documents will not be returned.

  • Selection result

    If you are allowed to take the course, it will be Friday, March 2024, 6.

    until,A notification of admission decision will be mailed to the address written on the application form.

  • Capacity

    40 people

  • Implementation site

    Lecture and exercise room

    (1) Social Welfare Corporation Konan-kai Specialized Training School Konan Gakuen

       *As a general rule, classes will not be held at locations where there are 5 or fewer applicants.
  • Certificate of completion

    A certificate of completion will be issued to those who complete all subjects.

Tuition fee

1.Tuition fee
Qualification Tuition fee


(Textbook fee and consumption tax included)

Nurse Associate Nurse


(Textbook fee and consumption tax included)

Helper level 2, those who have completed the beginner's training


(Textbook fee and consumption tax included)

Helper 1nd grade 


(Textbook fee and consumption tax included)

Those who have completed the basic course


(Textbook fee and consumption tax included)

2. Text used
Unqualified helper level 2 beginner training

[Central regulations]

Practitioner Training Text Volume 1 - Volume 5

Nurse Associate Nurse

[Central regulations]

Practitioner Training Text Volume 1 - Volume 4

Basic course

[Central regulations]

Practitioner training text volume 5

Sputum aspiration/tube feeding training text

3. Transfer destination

Social Welfare Corporation Konankai Practitioner Training Training Institution

Kochi Bank Akaoka Branch 0216600

   Kounankai Social welfare

   Chairman Shinichi Hashimoto

*Transfer fees will be borne by the student.

4.Payment period
Payment period

Monday, June 2024, 6 - Friday, June 17, 6

*Once the course has started, the tuition fee cannot be refunded for any reason.

5.If you are in arrears
If you are late

If all courses have been completed but the tuition fee is still unpaid,

A certificate of completion cannot be issued.

Please refer to the following for details of implementation guidelines, application forms, timetables, etc.

Practitioner training course guide 2024nd semester of XNUMX.pdf

2024 Second Semester Practical Training (Konan Gakuen Classroom) September First Semester.pdf

2024 9nd semester practical training (Konan Gakuen classroom) September XNUMXnd semester.pdf

2024 XNUMXnd term practical training (Tokyo classroom).pdf

Practical training application form/How to receive a certificate of completion/Request for issuance of a certificate of completion (expected) to be submitted to the Social Welfare Promotion Center.pdf

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